Our mission is to develop the next generation of proteomic tools to better understand, detect, and treat disease.

As virtually all diseases are manifested at the protein level, proteomic information within blood have the potential to provide the ideal ‘dashboard’ for human health. Unfortunately, due to technological limitations, proteomic information in blood remains largely untapped.

Dynamic and Actionable Biomarkers
Number of samples VS number of proteins

In order to discover proteomic biomarkers for better detection and treatment of disease, we have to collect datasets from tens of thousands of people. However, current proteomic technologies can measure many samples or many proteins, but never both. This creates three barriers:

  1. Discovery studies are under underpowered.
  2. Workflows are fragmented.
  3. Hypotheses are limited to a single protein biomarker.

Our team is leveraging nanotechnology to develop smart, programmable reagents that address longstanding challenges in multiplexed protein quantification. Crucially, our reagents fit seamlessly within current industry workflows to immediately increase the productivity of biological inquiry.

A Smart-Reagent Platform

Cost-effective measurement of more protein data with every sample.

Fits seamlessly within industry cytometers for high-throughput analysis.

Rapid development of custom protein panels.

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